We are now in Gettysburg, my favorite place. We left our home base about 10 or so this morning, drove 376 miles and got here about 6 pm. I’m tired long drive, the roads were busy and I swear getting bumpier. We will be here till Wednesday, all we have planned so far is a visit to the Utz factory store(potato chips)to buy snacks ,and a day on the battlefield walking around. Our journey to Key Largo has begun.

4 thoughts on “GETTYSBURG PA

  1. Sandy

    Can’t get snacks any fresher than that! Eat a few chips for me too! 😉. We have been very surprised that the snow x so ones in the west do not have potholes like the snow zones in the east. Not sure what they do different, but they should share their methods with the eastern states.

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