just outside of Gettysburg is Hanover

another one of Dave’s favorite places which is now 100 years old!

Just a short drive from Gettysburg is Hanover where Utz has it’s factory and also an outlet store.

This is our 3rd trip here to bad we didn’t find out about it sooner. Dave was in his glory because of his love for potato chips and such as you can see by his cart.

It was such a beautiful day Monday in Gettysburg we sat outside on the porch of

And had a tasty dinner. A great day was had by all !

2 thoughts on “just outside of Gettysburg is Hanover

  1. Sandy

    Yum, yum, yum!! Gotta add this to my Google maps as a ‘want to go’ location next time we’re in the area. Dave, if you toss the lawn chairs, you could probably fit 2 more boxes of chips! Might be worth it. 🤩

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