Cooper our whippet meets his match

December 17th, in Orlando Resa, a male white-and-blonde whippet, bolted ahead of the competition to win the second-annual Fastest Dog USA competition. The three-year-old ran a 100-yard dash in 5.769 seconds or 35.45 miles per hour. That’s 0.5777 of a second faster than last year’s winner, Phelan.

That same day in December here in Pennekamp’s Grove Trail Cooper and his female whippet friend Piper raced.

Piper and Cooper

Cooper is ahead

Piper is ahead

Cooper & Piper had a great day of racing. Cooper has faster strides but Piper sure knows how to turn sharp corners on a dime. Piper was ahead of Cooper a lot of the time which really confused Cooper as no other dog can even keep up with him! Piper you go girl! They both had a lot of FUN!

Piper resting after racing
Cooper resting after racing

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