Winding-up our stay in The Florida Keys

Dave & I tried new places to eat which we’ve never been, such as The Key Largo Fisheries with our good friends Bill & Barb. The waterfront is a fishery and marina, the seafood comes off the boats docked next to them, and is processed and packaged right there and shipped to people stateside, or prepared for you at their Backyard Cafe.

Dave on the left, Bill on top and last but not least Barb

We also got to see the African Queen which is docked at Marina Del Mar. I was excited because I got to see the movie a couple of years ago and loved it and seeing the boat like it was in the movie was really nice.

The historic African Queen provided the setting for Humphrey Bogart’s only Oscar winning performance has been resurrected from the scrapheap by a movie-loving Florida couple. The African Queen is a 100 year old steam boat famed for its starring role in the 1951 hit movie of the same name.

The classic picture – which also starred Katharine Hepburn and told the story of a Canadian steam boat captain and a British missionary working in German East Africa during the First World War – saw Bogart receive the 1951 Academy Award for best actor.

After falling into a state of disrepair following the death of its previous owner in 2001, the vessel was spotted gathering rust in a Florida marina by Suzanne Holmquist and her engineer husband, Lance.

The couple have since repaired the ailing ship and opened it up. You can take a 1.5 Hour cruise that departs from the Marina Del Mar and travels down the Port Largo Canals to the Atlantic Ocean before turning around to return.

16,709 Row Boat Illustrations & Clip Art - iStock

Dave & I had breakfast at The Hideout a few times.

the breakfast was good and you could look out at the water

We also had a great time going to The Italian Food Comapany and The Catch with our friends Skip & Nancy.

The food was good at both restaurants

One of our favorite places to eat was The Shipwreck.

The Shipwreck has really good food and the added bonus was the awesome volunteers from Pennekamp gathered here for dinner and great times!

Speaking of Incredible Volunteers and awesome people !

Some of us got a chance to get together at The Marriott for the last time to catch the sunset

The last day before we left Pennekamp the weather was perfect for parasailing! so Barb and myself took off.

Getting strapped in
Smooth take off
400 ft up in the air
Coming in for a landing

Smooth take off and landing and gliding through the air was an incredible experience. With a dip in the water before we landed back on the boat was lots of fun.

We had a drink in celebration of a great day of parasailing!

This was our 4th year here in Key Largo and it was awesome! We met fantastic volunteers whom now we call our friends! We snorkeled, kayaked, parasailed and explored what can be more wonderful than that?

We know we never will!

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