Dave and I were impressed with the 2 Regional Recreation Centers that Bill & Barb took us to, so we decided to venture out and check some out for ourselves.

Laurel Manor is the 3rd Regional Center we visited. It was decorated elegantly with a Presidents theme.

The Savanah Regional Center the 4th Center we visited has a Georgia Gone with the Wind kinda theme. It was the first regional center built.

Mulberry Grove the 5th Regional center we visited has a barn/country theme. We liked a lot.

And now our 6th, La Hacienda Regional Center, a Spanish theme. The best part of this center was the back yard.

Lake Monia our 7th Regional Center. The theme is boating and we also liked this one.

Bacall is a Neighborhood Recreation Center, I like the theme of old movie actors & actresses so we gave it a try and liked it! I especially liked the wall paper.

Moyer was another Neighborhood Rec Center we checked out

Burnsed another Neighborhood Center with a Western Theme.

The second picture is one of the rooms in the center being used for Chair Volleyball … I like that idea!

The 8th Regional Rec Center Rohan was very nice. It was all about the painting.

The painting is on the ceiling in the front entrance. Very impressive.

We also wanted to check out this Neighborhood Rec Center. The theme Birds.

The ninth Regional Recreation Center. The theme is old Florida, nature, light & airy.

The 10th Regional Center theme is that an old rustic Florida lodge

We took a couple days here and there and visited the Recreation Centers we wanted to see. There are many, many more. We were impressed with the ones we saw. Dave also got a chance to test out a lot of couches.

If you live in The Villages you can enjoy all these centers plus they say, as of April 2021, residents enjoy more than three thousand clubs that cover just about any hobby or interest a person could have. These clubs are managed by the residents and they say there is a club for people who do nothing.  You guessed it, it’s called “People Who do Nothing Club.  They also have sports teams and leagues and all kinds of other activities.  Dave & I aren’t ready for The Villages, the average age is 70.9, but it was a impressive & diverse and we enjoyed our time spent  in The Villages.

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  1. Sandy

    I love the testing out of the couches photos. Dave looks quite at home. :). We saw 2 or 3 areas when we visited the villages. They do have an elegant feel to them. But a very stiff and formal feeling to them. I like your photos of the more relaxed, rustic ones. I’d feel more at home and relaxed in those. But definitely quite a variety. Fun comes in all varieties.

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