A Fun Gathering !

The Rangers and the Volunteers got together last Friday night here at Bill Baggs for a festive occasion to party, mingle, eat some ethnic food and have a good time!

It was held where the 3 volunteer sites are located, in a newly cleaned out are, that looks really nice. The volunteer that got the clean up going is Jim and his wife Nancy. We also had the party because Jim and Nancy are leaving us and heading back to New Jersey where they live.

Nancy & Jim
Volunteer Jim, Ranger/Manager Jorge of the park, and his wife Stacey
Ranger Shane, his wife Mary and their daughter
More great Volunteers

The start of our ethnic food is Croatian Meat Casserole, Vietnamese Sandwiches and a Brazilian Salad, Plus an Italian pasta and meat dish. For dessert a Cuban cake, I’m only calling it Cuban because the Park Manager who is Cuban brought the cake. We also had an Italian Cheese Cake. All the food was delicious! And there was also some Moonshine and Homemade Rum.

This is part of the area that was cleared out, It’s now known as . . . . . .

We even had a fun ceremony where Jim (Himmy) was awarded a Badge & Gun for his contribution to the Park. Rangers Jorge, Shane & Alexis conducted the ceremony and presented the awards

It was great meeting & volunteering with Jim & Nancy!

 “What life expects of us is that we celebrate.” -José Eduardo Agualusa.

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