Yesterday one of my friends that I grew up with stopped by. Last time we got together was two and a half years ago. We were in Fort Myers and we went to Naples to see them. This time they came from Naples to visit us here, so they drove from the gulf coast to the Atlantic coast. Took almost three hours. What a great day seeing, my good buddy Mike, (we grew up right next door to each other) and Ann Marie. He was also my best man at our wedding 500 years ago. We talked a lot about the past, what we are up to now. Took a nice long walk around the park in 90 degree heat, but cooled off with refreshments in the Rv. After while we went to the lighthouse which was closed,(but we have a key), walked up and admired the great view that is up there. Then had a bite to eat at the Lighthouse Cafe, and strolled the beach for awhile. Just like that it was after seven. So away they went. It was great to see them both and catch up on life. GREAT DAY HAD BY ALL

Mike and Ann Marie

Childhood Buds

Atop the lighthouse


  1. Sandy

    Catching up with old (not age, just long ago) friends is great! Bet the years just melted away and it was like you were younger again. (Notice I said younger, not young, as you’re still young whippersnappers.). Hold on to the moments.

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