Hanging out at our island paradise was very enjoyable

The biggest sin in the world would be if I lost my love for the ocean.”
Laird Hamilton

Our stay here includes walks by the ocean, followed by a swim in the crystal blue warm waters.

When the tide is out you can walk into the water till it reaches your head and then keep swimming.

“Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean.”

Christopher Reeve

And watching sunsets.



“Each sunset brings closure, and each sunrise brings new possibilities and both have beauty.” Karin Schwan

We went to Whiskey Joe’s in Key Biscayne, the fish tacos were delicious! And we watched as they took boats off the top shelf, with a huge fork-lift, and took them to the boat ramp to set sail. A fun evening!

Signs the Park put up along one of the walking paths

Dave & myself getting ready for the day at the gate house (Ranger Station) Dave Changing the flags from the yellow flag – medium hazard winds to green flag – low hazard winds. The purple flag is to let people know there is Marine pests present. The last picture you can see the giant shark that was over Key Biscayne, so glad it didn’t attack the Village!

“Another ingenious vessel lands at Bill Baggs over the weekend, likely with refugees from Cuba or Haiti.”

Made entirely of Styrofoam, this boat was the latest to be found along the South Florida coastline at Bill Baggs State Park, in the past couple of years. Wooden beams were fastened across the seating area, which had the capacity to seat maybe a dozen people. They made it here very early in the morning and disappeared into the darkness. We saw it on our morning walk and it really makes you think about how badly some people have it. I only wish they could have done it the legal way.

Dave & I were lucky to meet up with Don Sackrider, an ex-pilot who has been living in Key Biscayne for many years, when there was nothing here. I met him last year from working at the gate and it was great to see him again this year. He’s 92 and swims at the beach here. The plaque was donated by Don to the park.

Various pictures of our stay on the island.

Staying once again at Bill Baggs was great, great rangers and volunteers!

2 thoughts on “Hanging out at our island paradise was very enjoyable

  1. Nancy

    It looks like y’all have had a wonderful time!! I love your sunset pics! Why are there more of those than sunrise pics?

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