We are now in the Parker’s Crossroads Rv park, for the night, The park is small but nice, see picture below. We left Cave City Ky, this morning and drove 193 miles to get here. Lots of truckers, and i suspect lots more going through Memphis tomorrow. When we got here today , I noticed a sign that said Parker’s Crossroads Battlefield. After we got settled we took a late afternoon, to the visitor center and a very nice almost 2 mile walk on the battlefield. With all my knowledge and being a civil war buff, I had no idea there was a battle here. Interstate 40 runs right through the middle of it. As the interstate was built in the 60’s there was not any of the battlefield land saved. Today they would have to go around the battlefield to put it in. SO, you say what happened here, let me tell you.


In late December 1862 confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest had been raiding the area with his 1800 man cavalry brigade, causing havoc for the union army all over the place. The union head he was camped a few miles from Parker’s Crossroads. So the union sent a force of 1500 men to attack him. On December 31, 1862 The union arrived at the crossroads and set up a line of battle, about a mile from the actual crossroads. Forrest’s dismounted cavalry men went in action, and drove the union back, the union counterattack. Forrest then ordered his artillery to the front of the men and opened up, driving the union back a mile to a small rise, where a long split rail fence was. The union thinking they had found a safe haven hunkered along the fence line,all the while being bombarded by artillery. Forrest then ordered artillery to surrounded the union positions. For hours the shells blasted the rail fence along with killing and maming hundreds of union soldiers. Finally, Forrest sent in word for the union to surrender. NO was the answer, so he sent word in the second time for surrender. Again No was the answer, at about the same time as this, a union brigade appeared out of no where and attacked Forrest’s rear. He was taken completely by surprise. Not being able to fight on two fronts, he HAD to retreat, actually run for his life, which is what he did, he found a weak spot and most of his brigade made there escape. SO, who won, no one, the union lost 30 killed and a few hundred wounded. The Confederates lost over 60 killed and a few hundred wounded.

Union position along the fence line
Drawing done of the fence line defense
Along the fence line looking at the confederate lines way out in the tree line, notice interstate 40 in the middle.
The 30 union dead were buried here, In 1867 remains were reinterred in the national cemetery in Corinth Ms.
Our spot for the night


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