We, left Lake Catherine state park this morning about 10;30 or so and got here a little after 1 pm. drove 131 miles today , not much but somehow we took the long way. The GPS was all screwed up.

SO, Why are we here, well to dig for diamonds of course. This is the only place in the world where you can dig your self a diamond and keep it. They also have other semi precious stones here, which is what we will probably find. We have tickets for three days of digging, but that plan has gone out the window. WHY, well this week it is very hot, temps at 95 or higher and heat index of 110 and higher. So our plan is to go to the site early before 9, and dig around until maybe noon. Then go to the splash pool and enjoy that for an hour or so, and if feeling like it head back to the field for an hour or so. That’s the plan, but our bodies will tell us what to do ,and lately it hurts and i’m tired. HaHa.

40 acres of field

Should be very refreshing
Our spot at the park


  1. Sandy

    One tiny diamond in 40 acres! Good luck! Maybe try an area of park rarely visited? Hope they provide the excavators! Let us know the results. You’ve covered lots of miles in just a few days it seems! Enjoy the relaxation in your sauna environment!

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