Took a mosey over to Paint Mines interpretive park, it is a county park of about 800 acres, and is listed on the national register of historic places. It features a wash basin area about 200 feet deep with all kinds of shapes and colors. Shows what the power of water, time and erosion can do. It was way back in time a floodplain area, then as it eroded, a river formed and over eons created all the super cool hoodoos and colorful formations. The sandstone is soft and as the water cut through it, it left deposits of acidic minerals, and such all over. When you first enter it it is flat grassland no thought of what is coming, then you dwell deeper into the box canyon and there it is . Al lot of trails to explore and see up close all the formations and colors. It was a really neat place, and as it is a county PARK, it is free. It was a hot day and as usual we did not have enough water, but hiked a couple miles or so. Glad we went there.

Dave told about the history now here comes the pictures!

We were walking on a kind of desert, prairie setting and then we started to see rock formations in the distance.

We passed a few rock formations and continued walking . . .

And then we saw more and more Hoodoos!

Walking around in all of this gravel and sand with really neat rock formations, I felt like I was walking on the moon.

Each Hoodoo has variable thickness to the rocks and differently shaped mushrooms or “totem pole-shaped bodies.

Doesn’t this hoodoo look like it has a sore nose?

These pieces of earth were collected by the American Indians for different shades of paint for pottery and other items.

It truly felt like a moon walk, Incredible place!


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