We are being tranquil at . . .

And enjoying the view

Roper Lake State Park is very scenic and has a 32-acre lake, man made of course.  The park is located off U.S. Route 191, 5 miles south of Safford, at the Gila River and Valley. The land for the park was once a ranch purchased by the state in 1972.  It has a boat ramp, a beach for swimming, fishing, picnic areas, a campground, and cabins. The lake is stocked with bass and trout. The park also has great hiking trails and lots of birds to watch. This park in southeast Arizona in a beautiful location surrounded by the sky island Pinaleño Mountains range, including Mount Graham.

Where we are in Arizona and where we are in the campground

Two big mansions near the park, what a view they have!

Asparagus Family, who would have guessed? And it’s edible.

Our first days, getting acquainted with the campground.

One of our favorite trails is the The Mariah Mesa Nature Trail. It’s about 3/4 of a mile halfway and a bit of an elevation gain 78ft getting to the top.

Heading back to our site

The campground has a dog run which is a first for us in a state campground. There we met Mike, who lives in Alaska and his two dogs Rooster & Monkey and their adorable puppies.

The campground has cabins that are great if you fish. They are complete with a fish station for cleaning the fish with a sink and of course a grill.

The sky here has incredible colors and clouds are always changing.

4 thoughts on “We are being tranquil at . . .

  1. Sandy

    A soap tree yucca is edible? Sounds yummy. Haha
    Keep the mountain photos coming. I’m missing them so much! Beautiful photos with gorgeous skies.

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