Last week we went to the Ballroom for a bit of Nostalgia

We went to see a show that featured Barbershop Quartets from the area.   And nostalgic it was. My dad was a good singer so he sang a lot of old songs, I’m talkin old songs, from the 1920s to 1950s so my sister Jennifer and I know all the old songs too.  So I wanted to see the show so I could reminisce  and sing along.

This picture was takin on our walk to the ballroom in the RV park.

This chorus called themselves “The Coyote Chorus” The first act.

This quartet was called “A Touch of Grey”

These are “The Desert Transplants”

Here are a few of the songs they sang, I bet you know at least one song? How about “In My Life” By the Beatles?

Barbershop Quartets got started in Barber shops where they all hung out.

Barbershop harmony can trace its beginnings all the way back to the birth of traditional Western music. These chants were originally sung in unison, but over the years they slowly began adding harmony. There was no sheet music at this time, so the singers sung solely based on listening.

During this era, the local barber was more than just a hair dresser. Barber’s also pulled teeth, and performed minor surgeries. Barbershops slowly became a place for the town to gather and play instruments and sing while waiting for their turn.

At the turn of the century, amateur male singers would gather in quartets to perform at parties and picnics. Often time’s barbershop quartets would perform at Minstrel shows as a way to pass time, since no equipment was necessary.

These guys “All in A Chord” sang “Yesterday” by the Beatles, it was really nice to hear the song sung in harmony with no music.

A girl quartet “Havin a Blast”

How about an all girl chorus called “The Silver Tones”

Everyone got together to sing at the end “Let There be Peace on Earth”

I enjoyed the show very much, it put me back in time, like old songs do, a bit teary at times, but a lot of good memories. Sometimes with a song you can remember where you were when you heard it for the first time.

Tuesday April 11th is National Barbershop Quartet day, so maybe if you want, you can look-up Barbershop Quartet songs and listen to music with harmony and no music.

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