What to do on a Saturday night in Tucson, go to . . .

We went there with our friends Sharon & Garth.

First we had dinner, which is always good at Little Anthony’s, plus we had entertainment!

We saw Marilyn Monroe and Sandra Dee, Elvis left the building.

There is something cool about old cars. They have a certain charm that modern cars will never be able to duplicate. Including things like nostalgic style and uniqueness among other things.

I know that modern cars designed for safety, fuel efficiency, have less noise, and the smell of a new car is wonderful but the Oldies are Golden.

Who didn’t know someone with a Beetle? My cousin had one with decals all over it like this one.

Gotta Love the old Corvettes.

How about a 1949 Willys-Overland Jeepster, – The First SUV Crossover.

How about a  1963 Volkswagen Classical Bus Double Cab Pickup.

1961 chevy carrier pickup

Cars from the from the late 1960s to the 1970s are what I call boats. They were very long some of them were 20.5 feet long. I don’t know much about them only that they are way cool, I know Dave would know all the cars, but he’s not doing this blog I am.

Check out 1968 Volvo. Dave’s old girl friends father drove one and it brought back a lot of memories when he saw it.

The come as you are cars & trucks. They still have their own appeal.

We both liked this 1962 Healey.

I love the chrome on classic cars. The air plane on top, the globe in the center and the bumpers.

A couple of Model T fords. Sharon posing by the skeleton head.

1930s Coups cars, with great colors and looks.

This nice lady really loved her 64 GTO, she was cleaning the engine and keeping it sparkly clean just before we got there.

Interesting old trucks.

Garth checking out the cars air conditioning, the tube right above the food.

1950 diners.

Another fun time at Little Anthony’s Diner

5 thoughts on “What to do on a Saturday night in Tucson, go to . . .

  1. William McHenry

    Love a good car show. Thumbs up Melissa on your car identifications and descriptions. Love the comic of the old guy under the gurney.

  2. Nancy Hofstetter

    Looks like so much fun! Just put it on our “must see” list for when we start our adventure! Miss you both 😊

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