It has been a while since I have posted, Melissa of late has been doing that ,and a fine job she is doing.

As most everyone knows it was a very trying time here last December and this January, with Melissa being very, very ill. (thank God they have state of the art health care here)It was also a trying time for me. However as of this post she is back to her old self, although on a few extra meds right now, and some extra doctor visits.

With Melissa sick, we had to extend our stay here at Voyager,(in some ways it has been a very good thing)and had to cancel all of our plans of heading up into Utah, and Idaho for the spring and summer. So ,we have been just at Voyager for the last four months. We like it here and will be coming back in the fall.

So , what are our plans, we will be leaving here May 20 th and taking 10 or so days to travel back to our home base in Buffalo, NY. There we will reconnect with friends, and family. We also both have a lot of doctor appointments to catch up on too. We will stay there until about mid September, when we will head back down here to Voyager and stay from Oct 1 to March 31 of 2024, six months. Then hopefully we will take, April, May and part of June 2024 to travel up northeast Arizona, Utah, the western side of Colorado, and back down the east side of Arizona. Then we will decide if we want to go back to home base for that summer, or head back to Voyager. Even if we head to home base we will be back to Voyager for that winter. Then again we will decide if we want to stay long term, (as we do like it hear). So, that is our plan for right now, and We both know full well plans can change.

That’s the update for now.


  1. Sandy

    Sounds like a great plan to me!! Looking forward to seeing you soon!! Arizona does have a way of keeping you busy. Looking forward to getting details of your spring 2024 plans!! May all your journeys be safe ones

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