The House is SOLD

The open house went great ,about 25 different couples came through. Tuesday and Wednesday it was shown about 10 times, and once on Thursday. Had two offers on Friday. We took one of them ,and just like that it was over. The long awaited process was nothing more than a blink of the eye. We both felt like we were in a fog, “What is happening”. We did not have the emotion I thought we would have. It will most likely catch us soon. The home inspection went fine and they have applied for there mortgage, which should be fine. The closing is set for Sept 29th.

HOLY COW, now what, after years of thinking about it, the time is here. 27 years in the same place. I have been telling myself, for years, it’s time to go ,we have to get out of here or we will be dragged down by this place. Now that the time is almost upon us, it’s not a dream it is almost reality.

On another subject , our new 4 legged friend Cooper, is adjusting pretty well, he is a lot of fun to watch playing, but he is also a lot of work, ad has high energy, we try to walk him, most days, and we have been going to the Rv lately, where he can stretch his legs and get exercise. Tomorrow he goes the vet and gets his last shots, then I will be calling the day care place to get him in about 2 times a week. Hopefully that will burn a lot of energy and get him used to interacting with other dogs and humans.
We already have an apartment lined up for the winter, so our next big step, is preparing for that. For now that’s it.

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