Well we moved everything over to the new place on Oct 4th and 6th. Our first night here was the 6th. The new owners of the house had been hounding the real estate lady, cause they has no where to go and had to be out of there place on the first. We signed an early Occ. for them and they moved in the week end of the 7th.
It wasn’t so bad moving in here, we arranged a lot of stuff over the week end. as of today which is the 17th, we are getting kind of used to the place. It is a big change but the 3 of us are coping pretty good. What is not good is we still have not closed on the house, every day I get madder and madder. The big problem is that the lady we are buying a truck from wants to get this over with and without closing we cannot pay her. It’s wearing me down. For now that’s a quick update on the moving.

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