What a relief, we finally closed on Oct 27th. After all said and done, I would never do it again. We had setbacks every where you could. Finally though it’s over and I want to put it in the past. We got our money and started to get things paid. The truck was the big one, we got that done and got the truck on the 30th of Oct. Got it licensed and road legal the 2nd of Nov and I am a very happy, relaxed person right now. Just have to unwind from it all for a while.

The other big news is that I for the first time on last week end hitched up the rig, and took it for a spin, All be it only 2 miles , I finally drove it all hooked up. It was a little nerve racking but also very exciting in the same token. Melissa was with me and we both had a smile on our face. I did pretty good I think had to make a few turns and all that. It is a little weird though looking behind you and there is a 40′ rv with you. I finally drove it YAY. We also found a place to store it over the winter, which was not looking good the other day. Today we will be putting it in storage for the winter. Come spring we will have a lot to do, it is pretty dirty and all that right now. For now that’s it, it has been a very long 3 months.

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