Our second so called shake down trip was to Red Rocks Pond Rv resort in Holley New York . Spent a full week there from June 8th to the 15th. It was a 42 mile trip, which is the longest I have towed the Rv. It all went good, I felt pretty good driving that far. We had a pull through site so it was pretty easy to get set up. Here we had all hook ups and cable Tv.  This place has many seasonal sites, which means people stay from May 1st till they close Oct 15th. A lot of people then head to Florida or such or some also have houses locally and just go back there. Of the 200 sites or so only about 35 are open to reserve the rest are seasonal.

The big thing about the park, besides it being very clean, is that it is right on the Erie Canal. Where you can walk , ride your bike on the bike path.  The park also used to be an active quarry in the past, where stone was quarried out for the canal, and in later years they made big blocks to construct churches and such. Now they are all filled with water and used for fishing and small boating.

Anyway after we got settled, we walked around the park for a while, they also have paths around the lakes toy can take. Saturday they had Myers Rv in and they gave away prizes along with free hot dogs, of course I had three of them, didn’t win anything though. Sunday we walked the Erie canal, a little and in the afternoon a lady came by and invited us over to her seasonal for a few drinks, which we did. I played darts with a few of the guys and Melissa talked with the ladies. Cooper was back at our site and was alone for over 3 hours, he did good, so I felt better about leaving him alone. Tuesday My brother and sister-in-law came by for dinner, we made chicken shischkabobs on the new grill I got, they were good.  The rest of the week we just started to get used to different things that we need to about this lifestyle.  It was the first time I really dumped the tanks into the sewer, and we also hooked up to the cable tv they had there. One afternoon I cleaned the outside of the rv a little and Melissa cleaned and polished the wheels and tires, she did a really nice job.  We did walk a lot around the park and on the canal, we also went to Holley falls just a little up the road and saw the falls and walked around the park there which is very nice. One thing I was concerned with and it came up Thursday was the wind, it really got windy that day and seeing how the Rv reacted to that was a learning experience, you cannot have your awning out in the wind that is for sure.

Overall the trip was good, Melissa, I noticed was bored a few times but she will have to adjust to this as I told her this is not a vacation, it is a new lifestyle, so a lot of adjusting will be needed. Also Cooper has a lot to learn also, as this is all new to him, he had a lot of fun , but i see he has to be trained a little more. Friday we then got all hitched up and drove back to our home base (Steve”s).

One final note, as we liked the park so much and the nice seasonal people, we put our names in for a seasonal site. Will see if they call us. We decided it was worth it if we stayed there and also at our home base when we are back in town for the summers.
red rocks1

Our site at Red Rocks PondEnter a caption

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