Friday was such a nice day decided to take a joy ride with the Rv. Really it was more practice driving . I hooked up the Rv to the truck and me and Cooper were off. We went a total of 21 miles, up and down different roads around the area. Made left turns, right turns a couple of them tight and did good ,and felt pretty comfortable. got back and pulled into Steve’s from the back way, so I could back in to the new spot I made for the Rv in Steve’s back yard. Got the Rv in position and backed her in, I did pretty good, had to pull forward a few times to make some adjustments but got it in the first time. unhitched and got it all leveled up. It looks pretty darn good where it is back kind of in the woods Pictures below give you an idea. Now we can open the awning and sit there looking to the back woods, instead of looking at the neighbors house. If you listen really quiet, you can hear the blue jays, and cardinals that are around. also deer and fox come around later at night. rv setup1

This is the view from the woods area, with the Rv and the shed I built for storage.

rv setup2

This is the view from the Rv looking into the back woods.

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