Went to Red Rocks Pond for the second time this year. We stayed from  Friday the 13th to Tuesday the 16th. It was sunny and hot the whole time, but that is fine with us. We got there around noonish and checked in. Went to our spot which was #7 a backin OH Boy. got all set up and lined up to back in Melissa guided me a little and just like that I got in the first try, lined up with the spot and I was in. I was a little surprised. We leveled up and within 5 minutes we were all set up. We had a good learning experience this trip, things felt a little more at ease.

Friday afternoon we relaxed a little, and for dinner they had a food truck there, so we had chicken wraps. Then it was off to the town of Holly, for the concert on the canal. The “Old Hippies” were playing, we had a great time. Saturday they had free donuts and coffee, so of course I was there. We went to the Cobblestone museum that day, it was almost 90, so I was a little worried about Cooper, but it all worked out. The museum and the cobblestone buildings were very interesting. It took more than 2 years to build a house that ornate with the washed stones. I have no idea how they did it back then. Sunday we went out and about to Oak Orchard marina and lighthouse by the lake, again it was hot but we walked on the beach at lake Ontario, even Cooper had his feet in. We also went to Lakeside State campground to check it out for next year when we get back, we like it so we will for sure stay there. Monday morning was interesting, the power went out at 7:30 in the morning, not just the park , but the whole area was out of power. I could not make coffee so I was a little off that day. We decide to just pack up and get ready to go, earlier than expected but that’s OK. Got back to home base around noon, and backed into the spot we have there and wouldn’t you know it, I backed right into there too. I guess I am learning from all my practicing. All in all it was a good trip to get under our belt. Below is a few pictures of our spot there.


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