Decided to make a few modifications to the RV. Everyone knows RV stairs are just Ok at most, you pull them out and open them up. There not that wide or deep. So I decided to upgrade. They now make folding stairs which go into the door way. Plus they are like real stairs, with an actual tread. Plus the top step is deeper so you do not have to fall off the stairs to open the door. I purchased a set of the new Lippert Components 30″ wide stairs. The first set arrived damaged so I had to have them sent back for a new set. The second set arrived and within 15 minutes we had a new set of stairs in. They are nice and feel solid as a rock. The other thing I did was remove the original fold up stairs and put in a Morhride tool box. It took a little while to get the old set out, but the box went right in. I think I will store all my road safety stuff in there. Very happy with both installations. Pictures are below of the new stairs and tool box.rvfoldupstairs1rvfoldupstairs2rvtoolbox1

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