This weekend was our first full timing weekend. Saturday we got up a little later and had a nice breakfast. After that we both spent almost 4 hours, sorting organizing and putting our stuff away. I am very proud of Melissa, she brought a good amount of cloths, and whittled it all down to fit in one closet and a few drawers. After that we took a good long walk, about 3 miles,part of which was on the horse trail leading from the park to the battlefield. Yep you have to watch for horse poop. Cooper does not like horses. The weather was mostly sunny and 80 degrees. The park was pretty full yesterday but today Sunday, a lot left. Today we spent the day just relaxing, although Melissa wanted to go to church so we found one. I went to the battlefield, and took a good walk, then picked her up and we came back to the Rv for the day. After dinner we took a walk around the park and met a few nice couples, along the way. Warm and sunny today with a good amount of humidity. Tomorrow we get the remnants of Florence, so they say a lot of rain, we will see.



    Hello Gerber’s love your blog. I knew you would do fine on your first big journey! Received your postcard..thanks. enjoy your adventures, I will be stalking you!

    Happy Trails…


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