We have been here at the Artillery Ridge Campground here in Gettysburg for16 days, it has rained for 13 of them. I mean all day rains not just a few hours, but long periods of rain. They say it has been like this since may. Last night we had a torrential downpour for an hour, water was running under the Rv. There is mud everywhere and no one in the campground is out of there Rvs set up or anything. After tonight it is suppose to be sun and clouds for the next 8 days or so, without any real rain, hope it holds true, it needs to dry up.

To say the least it is depressing and a little boring as you just cannot do much outside.. We have been able to see some of the battlefield and other areas around. Not off to a good start with our full time adventure, but I guess we are learning fast. Cooper has been to day care more than we want, but he is getting his energy out which is good. We both are trying hard to not get upset and take it in stride, as there really isn’t much we can do with the weather. We will be here till the 11th of October, so about 2 weeks to go. With the weather getting better, we hope to be hiking the battlefield more and seeing more of the area. We did go to the UTZ potato Chip factory in Hanover the other day. It was pretty neat, it takes 27 minutes from the time the potatoes go on the convers to when they are packaged into the shipping boxes as potato chips, still hot. Quite neat to see the process in action. It takes 4 pounds of potatoes to make 1 pound of chips. Other than that we will see what the next 2 weeks bring here.


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