Yesterday we took a hike on the Balanced Rock trail. It’s a 3 mile hike along the river for about half of it then it winds through the woods on the old stagecoach road. It’s funny that the name of the trail is for a balanced rock overlook on the river, but the rock fell in in 2015 so no more balanced rock. It was a bice peaceful walk. It being the week end there were a few people on it. The Little Gem springs overlook was pretty neat, it is a spring popping up about 10 feet from the river with it’s overflow going into the river.



After we did the hike, I washed the back of the Rv getting ready to wax it. Of course today Sunday it is raining again, so who knows when I can do that. Tomorrow we get ready to leave Tuesday for Disney’s Wilderness Rv park, and again of course it is suppose to be raining there also. We are just being dogged with the rain.

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