Yesterday we left Swannee River State Park. We left about 11am, after doing our usual one hour pack up routine. We got to Disney’s Fort wilderness Campground about 3 or so. After we got checked in we drove to the 200 loop, and found our site 235. The roads here are not very wide, I backed in pretty good except I almost took out a two foot high site marker on the other side. luckily a guy saw me and came over to help out, otherwise I might have damaged the front tire so how. Once we got in we set up, and relaxed a little.

This place is huge ,it has over 800 Rv spots in many different loops, and about 400 cabins. Our spot is very close to the lake, and marina. The boat from there takes you to Magic Kingdom. Also the place is pristine, manicured gardens with tall pines and plenty of palm trees. There are two pools and about 5 restaurants just here in the campground. One thing that we laughed about is, everyone is driving a golf cart, the place is so big to go anywhere you need one. They rent them here and are $62.00 a day. We also have Cooper set up at the parks boarding kennel for a few days while we visit the parks. They also have fireworks every night over the lake. Here are a few pictures of our spot.



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