Our stay here at Disney’s Fort Wilderness is coming to a close. Tomorrow will leave here to go to Alfia River State Park, near Tampa. I will make a more in depth post soon on our experiances here. Some thoughts on this place , it is a megatropolus, huge, and tons of people. There are 9 resorts around the big lakes, all have 1000 rooms or more, plus you have Fort Wilderness Lodge with 500 more and For wilderness campground, with 800 rv spots and 400 cabins. To get most anywhere you take the bus, they are everywhere and each loop has a bus stop, you just take it to the terminal and get on the bus to where you want to go. Then there is the monorail, which is an elevated train like, it has been here from the start. It goes around all the resorts and to Magic Kingdom and Epcot. All of these places and the parks themselves have pretty high security. At the parks, your bags are checked you are checked and you then need your magicband to get in . No magicband you are not going anywhere. You get it when you arrive all set up with your info and the parks you have paid to get into. Sort of an I. D. bracelet. Back to the campground, as I mentioned it is huge, all the loops have a bus stop at them and a full bathroom facility with laundry. There are sidewalks all over and there are usually more golf carts on the roads than cars ,and trucks. The loop we are in is more established, we have good separation between sites with trees and shrubs. Other loop are sparse, but it really doesn’t matter where you are. Each night you can go to the beach and watch the fireworks from Magic Kingdom, also at about 9:40 each night they pipe in Disney music across the campground for 20 minutes. It is hard to not get caught up in it all. Some people are staying through the holidays and have all there Christmas decorations already out. The workers here are all friendly and always waving, the place is also very clean. Here and at the parks, i had a few thoughts on things, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money don’t come here, things are expensive. A bottle of water is $3.50. At the parks you are just drawn in to the food, which is very good bust expensive. If you do not like to be banged into by hundreds of strollers at the parks, don’t come here. They are everywhere, with kids in them and they don’t get out of the way. Also it was funny to see all these peole rush into the parks in the morning with smiles on there face and by the afternoon these same people were all lined up along the sidewalks with kids screaming and parents yelling at everyone, Funny. Also if you do not like to wait, don’t come here. We did pretty good with waiting for the rides and such , our shortest wait was 10 minutes, our longest was 90 minutes. These are just a few thought i have about it all. As i mentioned i will make a bigger post in a few days on the total experiance.

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