Today we celebrated our first major holiday on the road, and away from family and friends. It was cloudy today but warm about 80. Didn’t really feel like Thanksgiving. After having breakfast we decide that we would take Cooper to the dog park, and then have an early dinner at Mel’s diner. My brother Jeff mentioned we should go there and after checking it out noticed they were having thanksgiving dinners from 11 to 8 pm. About 1 we went to the dog park and had Cooper run around some spent about a half hour there. He had a riot as there were other dogs there he could play and run with. After that we went to Mel’s and Oh boy were they packed. So we decided to order two dinners to go. For $14.00 you got a salad, chicken noodle soup,Turkey ,stuffing,mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberries plus beans and corn. I’m not a fan of stuffing so Melissa took that and I got her mashed potatoes. Man, oh man was it good, we were stuffed.


This Thanksgiving is a little more special this year, as Melissa and her sister Jennifer are now 11th generation descendants coming from the Mayflower. After doing extensive research the last few years, and making application to the Mayflower society, they both have been accepted and confirmed decendants from pilgrims. this is coming from their fathers (Smith side). Their 11th grandfather Edward Fuller made the trek over on the Mayflower with his wife and kid. his wife dying the first cold harsh winter. So there you have it pilgrim.

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