Yesterday we went to Dog Beach. Before I get to that, in the morning I had to go to Camping World about 20 miles away. In our travels so far we have not had a need for one, because we have had a sewer hook up most of the time. I have been putting it off, but it was time to get a crapper tote. When I got to Camping World, they had 3 sizes to choose from I had thought I would get the big 37 gallon one, but after looking at the size of it, it was out of the question, it was too big. So I decided to get the 27 gallon model. Now these have come a long way. It comes with a sewer hose already connected along with an 90 degree elbow for ease. It also has a fill sensor so it lets you know when it is full. But the nicest part of it is it has a nice long handle and 4 wheels, very easy to get around. It was not that cheap, so I had to bite the bullet. Here at Koreshan and a few other parks we will be at we will have no sewer so I needed to get one.


Back to Dog Beach. After lunch we decide to go there. This is a beach for dogs hence the name. It is one of the first beaches you get to when you get to Fort Myers beach area on the gulf. When we got ,were a lot of cars. Friday after Thanksgiving. The beach is a little bit of a walk through a wide flooded area (because of the tide). The water here varied in-depth from a few inches to over a foot deep. Then you come to the path that is between trees to get to the actual beach area. The area here is about 200 yards wide for the dogs. The water here is up to a couple of feet deep about 200 yards out also. When we let Cooper loose(as this is an off leash park) away he went, terrorizing all the smaller dogs. Boy did he have a lot of energy to get out. We also went in the water and got Cooper to get in for a while. There were all sizes of dogs here, running and crashing into people, including Cooper. We were there for about 2 hours. We had a lot of fun and Cooper did too, but he is pretty agressive with little dogs so we had to watch him a little closer.





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