Yesterday was beach day or should I say walking the beach doing shelling. Looking for sea shells of course. It turned out to be a mostly sunny 82 degree day, and we had a lot of fun. We first dropped Cooper off at dogy day care, then we went to Mel’s for breakfast and to map out our shelling day. Not much to it really just go to the beach and find shells. Well not so simple this is an art I am told. You need to get up pretty early to get all the good ones, because that is when the tide goes out, then they are pretty much just lying there. I am not talking about your one or two-inch sea shells, were talking about the four-inch and bigger ones. There are a lot of people who do this as a hobby. you can buy nets to scoop them up and shovels if you wish. Anyway we decided to go to Sanibel Island where some of the best shelling is.  As yesterday was Monday we did not think there would be much of any crowds. In order to get to Sanibel you have to cross the causeway, which of course you have to pay for. $6.00 to cross, we then stopped at one of the causeway beaches. Not many people, we spent about an hour there and found some pretty Ok shells. We ran into a guy at the beach sitting in his chair fishing for sharks.???? Yep sharks says he catches up to five ,six footers, then lets them go. Not for me. Anyway he said you have to go to the northern end of the island for good shelling. After we left there we drove on Sanibel island ( Tourist trap for sure) and made our way to Bowman’s beach at the northern end of the island. This is a public beach park own by the City, but has become very popular of late.  When we got there, there were a fair amount of cars, and of course you have to pay for parking. $10.00 bucks first hour $5.00 every hour. After we paid our dues, we made our way to the beach which is a ten minute walk.  The beach is pretty big more than a mile of so long. We made our way to the water’s edge and starting looking for shells. There were also a fair amount of other people searching to. As I mentioned it was a pretty hot day and nice to get your feet wet in the water, which I thought was pretty warm. All in all we spent 4 hours going up and down the beach finding shells. It’ pretty hard work we were tired when we left. POictures are below of our outing.

IMG_2612The bridge to the casuseway

IMG_2613More of the beach at the causeway

IMG_2614Prett blue flowers on a bush we saw.IMG_2615Some of the shells we found

IMG_2616More shells

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