Monday we went to Fort Myers Beach, got back yesterday. We got a great deal on a Whyndom Hotel stay so we went. Fort Myers beach is a place, yes they do have a beach, but it is a barrier island right off the coast of Fort Myers. It is about 6 miles long and about 1/2 mile wide. There is one main road, with a few side streets to the coast side, but the Gulf side is nothing but Condo’s and Hotel’s. We had a good time, it was close to 80 degrees both Tuesday and Wednesday. We walked the beach a total of 7.5 miles on Tuesday and about the same on Wednesday. We found a lot of really neat shells this time. We even got out there on Wednesday at 7 am looking for the real big ones, but people were already there looking. Anyway it was a fun time. Wednesday in the afternoon they were clearing the beach getting ready for the big storm coming in on Thursday. Thursday we left early and got back here to Cypress Trails Rv Resort about 11 or so. It didn’t start to rain or get windy till 2 pm. The winds here at the park were over 55 miles an hour and it rain very hard for a few hours. A tornado touched down about 15 miles away so we were spared. Some places the winds were over 70 miles an hour. Today Friday they expect just winds to be in the 40 miles an hour range. Then it will clear up and be clear for the next week or so ,with temps, in the low 80’s. Pics below are of the shells we found


Sand dollars were all over the beach it was hard to find ones not chiped, but we found a good number of them.


The best shell we found is in the middle, it is a banded tulip.



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