Yep, it’s a new year already. Just seemed like we got going on our journey yesterday, not really. It’s 2019, hard to believe and we are all getting a little older. Time goes on no matter what. We spent Christmas and New Years here at the park, they had a party Christmas eve which was more like a dinner. It was nice and we got to meet some new people, mostly owners of lots. The dinner was put on by the park and they had turkey, chicken, mashed potatoes, and the like and all you had to do was bring a side dish and you got all that. It was fun.  Christmas day there was not any snow, cold or going somewhere in a blizzard. New Years eve they had a dinner and party afterward. We had chicken and a potato. They also had prime rib, but glad we did not get that it looked undercooked. The band was pretty good, the members are all lot owners here and with the limited practice they did not sound bad. We left about 9;30 or so to take Cooper for a walk, and then went back to the party till 11;30 and celebrated new years at home watching the ball drop. We also met some nice people there again mostly lot owners.

We are getting pretty settled here at Cypress Trails, it is a super place. I go in the pool almost every day for an hour or so, and ride my bike a few times a day around the park. We also walk Cooper a lot here as there are a lot of dogs here he can play with. We have also extended our stay here until the 26th of January. We were suppose to leave here the 13th but decided otherwise after we heard a few stories about the other place we were going. Not really anything bad, but as it is located near Lake Okeechobee we were told there is not a lot to do. So, seeing it is only 62 miles away we went to the park last week and looked around. We would have been parked in  an open area near the storage lots. Also the place is dated with a lot of 60’s and 70’s style trailers with extensions on them there. So we are staying here ,and I can get used to it, but it is very expensive!!!!!

There are people here from any where you can think of and they all have stories, some really interesting and a few horrifying ones.  We met a really nice lady who is taking care of her aunt, so she moved here from up north ,bought a lot here and has been going back and forth to Naples to take care of here. Now the Aunt has bought 2 lots here and will have a park model Rv moved into one of them and she will rent out the other one. Over the week-end I helped her move her fifth wheel and the park model back to the storage area as they are renting out the lots for the winter months. In any event come to find out the lady is an Olympian from the 1996 Olympics. She won a gold medal in the swimming relay team, go figure now I know an Olympic athlete, pretty neat. Any way it has been just, sunrise, sunburn ,sunset around here, been in the low 80’s every day with mostly sunny skies. Below is some pics of our holiday setup and the park. In a week from now it will be the end of the 4th month of full timing, so I will post on some thoughts, I have on all that.








2 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR

  1. Paula Janish

    Hey Gerber’s…finally sat down and caught up on your blog. Boy, you two have been busy! Love to see what you are up to, your pics are beautiful! Enjoy the sunshine, as there are too many gray days here!!

    Happy Trails…

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