Friday Melissa and I learned how to play Pickleball. When we went to sign up for lessons on Wednesday it was full ,but the instructor happened to be there and he said show up Friday at 4 pm and I will give you a lesion. So Friday it was, when we got there, another couple, Bill and Sandy were there, and then Wayne our instructor showed up. He said playing with 4 is much better to learn, fine with us. The lesson lasted about an hour and a half. Not at all like tennis, you use a small paddle about 8×10 inches with a short handle and a type of wiffle ball is used. As a beginner there is a lot to learn from how to keep score to when you can hit the ball back before a bounce. After the Lesson the four of us played a game it lasted about an hour and Melissa and I won 11 to 6 , which is not saying much. After we got back to the Rv I had a drink and sat down , later I could hardly walk I was so sore, my little toe still hurts. Bill and Sandy have only taken one other lesson before. We all said we had a good time and have made plans for a couple of games this Wednesday. They are from Ohio and they both are in there early 60’s. They are staying for three months here.

Then on Sunday we got together with Dick and Rita from Massachusetts, I met Dick at the dog park, one of the first days we were here. Some how we got talking about genealogy and he mentioned his wife was a Mayflower defendant. I then mentioned Melissa was too and we were waiting for her official confirmation to come back, ( Which it did, she is now an official 11th generation decendant of the Mayflower on the Fuller side). Turns out Melissa and Rita are cousins on the Fuller side. Go figure. Any way we met up with them for a few hours Sunday afternoon. It was a fun time, we had snacks and talked about a lot of different stuff. They have been traveling in their Heartland Bighorn for over five years and it was very interesting and a learning experience hearing about all the places then have been. At six it was time to go for ICE CREAM, homemade at the community center. A big bowl full just for one dollar. I had vanilla and Melissa had a mixture of three different kinds. I ate too much and got a migraine, but boy was it good.

This coming week we are planning on going to Siesta Key beach near Sarasota, it is supposed to have the whitest sand, and we may go to Manatee park to see if any Manatees are there. Will let you know.

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