Today we took a drive up to Punta Gorta, and visited the Muscle Car Museum. Largest collection of GM muscle cars in the country ,and all OWNED by one man. 40 years of collecting, trading and buying. This is beyond being rich. The museum is quite large with about 200 cars of his collection on display. I was back in my glory days of driving my Camaro’s and my corvette. It was a really fun time. Every car there was in almost pristine condition. All the cars were in section”s, from Camero”s, Vette”s, etc. For me it was hard leaving the Corvette section, when we left our mouth”s were drooling. After we did finally leave we went to an early dinner at Mel”s diner. I had the Godfather”s Chicken Sandwich and Melissa had the Turkey dinner. It has been cooler here the last few days and i have broke down and put on my pant”s today, i don”t think i have had long pants on for a few months.Suppose to be back close to 80 for the next week, good, i can”t take this cold !!!!!!



1967 convertible, automatic, 327 engine for sale for $58,880


All the Camero”s , lined up in year order.


Shot of the museum


Another shot of museum


1967 SS Chevelle, with 81 original miles, yes 81


Any one for ice cream


1928 Rv. Wow.


The 1928 Gypsy wagon Rv, really cool, with a bed ,sink and couch.


My Grandfather had a Cadillac like this ,he would see us coming up the long lane and drive to meet up with us doing about 80, and a cigar hanging from his mouth, fond memory.


The Early Corvette’s , drool, drool


1963-1967 Corvette’s, drool even more


I told her to pick one and she could not decide, so i said forget it. Isn’t she so pretty.


1958 Corvette, i think she picked this one. OK ship it back to New York.

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