The last two days we have met up with Bill and Sandy to play Pickleball. Thursday we played for almost two hours and today the same. It is a lot of fun, not really who wins or loses but how you play the game. Don’t get me wrong, we all seem to be pretty competitive, but who cares who wins. We also all seem to be getting better, but still that easy shot ends up being a muff shot.

On another note we have one week left here in paradise, well close to it anyway. One thing that has been consistent is that every day, the sun is out when we get up and the sun is out when it sets. Back home it is usually cloudy and dreary most days ,with hardly any sun for months. We heard this song a while back and it is very true here, Melissa put part of it down on the chaulk board.



One thought on “TWO DAYS IN A ROW

  1. mbb6005

    Sounds like you are having a great time. Can’t wait to see your next stop. You will have to teach Don and me how to play pickle ball

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