For the last three days we have gotten together with Bill and Sandy to play pickle ball. Each day we played for about 2 hours or so. I have to say I am a bit sore, I have used muscles I haven’t used in years. It has been a lot of fun playing and having a bunch of laughs, especially when the bird pooped right between where me and Sandy were standing. As we are leaving here tomorrow we most likely for a while will not be playing pickleball. The pic below is the 4 of us after we played on Wednesday

img_0056 - copy

On another note today I was in panic mode for about 10 minutes.  A worker here came by about 1 today and notified us that today we were to have left. I right away pointed out to him, NO not till tomorrow. Well he had today on his sheet, so after he left I came in and looked at our reservation sheet and Yep today we should have left. OH boy, so I went up to the office in a panic and let them know I thought tomorrow. Patti said yep you should be gone. she sort of laughed and then looked into our site # and said you can stay no one is coming today. Of course we had to pay for the day at rate of $109.00. OH well at least we didn’t have tp pack up to move. I felt a lot better and could not really figure out how I made that mistake, old age i guess.

We leave here tomorrow for Alifia State prk, which is near Tampa, will be there for a week.

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