The other day I washed the Rv, finally. Hasn’t been washed since we left. I tried to wash it mid October at one of the state parks we stayed, but got caught by the water police. Yep, wasting precious resources he said. So being a law-abiding guy I stopped. Here at Cypress Trails, you can wash you rig within 7 days of arriving or you should use one of the approved guys that roam the park. Cost $125.00 for a wash with a power washer and ionized water which keeps it from spotting as it dries.If you use them the park gets  20% of the total. So with reckless abandon I proceeded to wash the Rv. Took me over three hours and no water police, thank goodness, as I was worried, NOT. So now the Rv is pretty darn clean, next have to wax it, which I will do in the next week or so, while we are at Alafia State park. We leave here Friday for there.

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