The other day I had a small electric heater plugged into the bed outlet, all of a sudden it stopped. I checked the heater and it worked in another plug. Then I checked to see if I blew a fuse or breaker, Nope. So I got out my handy-dandy plug tester, and it showed open neutral. So the plug was shot or something else. So I posted a question on the Heartland Forum, and the they all suggested I open up the hatch under the bed. That’s what I did, and right away I saw the junction box without a cover on it ,and the tape around the neutral wires was burnt. So I shut off the breaker and took it all apart. The junction box has a power wire coming into it with one wire running out to another plug and the third wire running to another junction box. This wire is stranded not solid like the rest and it must have come loose of the wire nut and shorted out. Not sure if this wire should be stranded or solid, but it does move in and out with the slide, I have to find that out. But for now I just disconnected that wire, we don’t really use the plug by the bed any way. Without a cover on the box if it would have sparked enough it could have caused a fire. Other people on the forum have had the same issue come up, so it is not a new thing. Just a crappy setup for that. Pics below show the junction box.




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