Today it was a beautiful sunny 68 degree day. In the morning the three of us went for a two-mile or so hike around the park. After that we had a bite to eat and decided to mountain bike. We donned our bike gear and left Cooper in the Rv and headed off. They have a camp connector bike trail from here so we took it. Then we went around the main loop trail a few times. This trail takes you to all the bike trails in the park, from easy, to extreme. We were a little confused about the easy trails they have so we did not take them today. We biked for over an hour and a half in total. When we were in cypress Trails, we biked about every day a few miles, but biking here you are not on pavement you are on sand and grassy areas ,and there are some ups and downs along with it being a little bumpy. We are not used to that, you have to have your bike in a lower gear ,and be pedaling all the time or you stop or fall off your bike. in the end it was fun ,but I have to say my legs are tired. Tomorrow i will try on of the easy trails and see how it is. I also today updated the sidebar of the blog and added a Archive page for easier navigation. Pics below of us on our ride.

img_0063 (1)

img_0067 (1)

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