Yesterday and today we did more mountain biking. Yesterday while Melissa took Cooper for a three-mile hike on the trails, I decided to try a few of the easy trails they have here. I made my way from the campground by way of the camp connector trail ,to the main loop trail, then proceeded to the 1.7 mile easy Soft Pine trail. It was pretty easy, pretty flat terrain, with only a few very slight inclines. Then I got back on the loop trail, and back to the camp connector. I maybe rode a total of four miles or so. When I got back Melissa and Cooper were waiting for me and I told Melissa we should do this together on Friday.

So Friday, today after we walked Cooper for a few miles, we set off again, by the connector trail to the loop trail and back to the Flat Pine trail. When we got done ,there was another 1.3 mile easy trail right there so we took it. This one was a little more hilly with a few bridge crossings. When we got done with that it ended up on a little connector trail leading back to the main loop, but I saw a sign for a 1/4 mile intermediate trail, and being the daring guy I am I decided to take it. Even though I did it and it was fun, I am not sure I would do it again, my bike is just not that rugged, the tires need to be a lot wider to grip the terrain on the better trails. I also had to pedal real hard to get up the hills , which there were a good many of with a lot of twists and turns going uphill. I was tired and winded when I got done with that. Glad I did it though. We then took the loop trail back to the parking lot and Melissa decided to take the road back, I took the trails back to camp. On my way back I passed a couple and she said watch for the gator on Black Spring trail. I said OK , glad I didn’t do that one. Today we rode aver five miles or so, and that is it, we leave here tomorrow for Lake Louisa State Campground.


The loop Trail


Start of the easy trail





A bridge crossing


The Intermediate trail.


Another pic, on the hill about 8 feet high.


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