The other day I rode my bike to the beach from the campground. There and back is about a five mile ride. When I got to the parking lot for the beach, I could not find a beach. Then I saw a four foot wide walk way and boardwalk, over a swamp. So I took it, after about 300 feet or so there is the beach. Not a very big beach but very sandy and a nice view. There is also swimming there but I don’t think I will do that. There is a really old big tree there so I took a picture of it as it was pretty neat, about the only really big tree around. When I did that I noticed off to the side a monument. A monument, so I walked over to it. It is dedicated to a Lt. Dean Gilmore, who in November of 1944 was flying low level training missions in his P-51 mustang crashed into Lake Louisa and was killed, he was 23 years old.. Prior to that he was in Sicily and flew 91 combat missions, only to come home and be killed, too bad. In 2001 the wreckage of his plane was found when the level of the lake was low. It was recovered and a monument was erected in his honor.


The boardwalk over the swamp to the beach.


The beach


The big tree, moss covered.


The monument to Lt. Gilmore

IMG_0097 (1)

A plaque by the bathrooms with a little story

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