A bus ride, yep. The other day we went for a monster bus swamp ride. We took a short drive to the Showcase of Citrus roadside stand, and it turned out to be a 2000 acre ranch. It was pretty neat they have all kinds of citrus products, anything you can really think of. The ranch has 1000 head of cattle and about 900 acres of orange trees, mostly for juice. Of course they have the monster bus ride, it takes you though the ranch property and it was a blast. It lasted about an hour. They are old converted school buses with their tops removed and bench seating put in. The undercarriage is all beefed up and they have 6 foot high by 4 foot wide monster tires. All turn when you turn the steering wheel. Our guide and driver told us all about the ranch and pointed out different things along the way. The bus was filled, it holds about 40 people. It was a fun time and learned a few things about this part of Florida.IMG_0119IMG_0121

Melissa as a life guard, watch out


She is eating a shark


One of the buses.


A smaller one


Our ride through the swamp


An old abandoned water truck used for whiskey in the prohibition days, the cops found them and they tried to get away, nope, truck hasn’t moved since, hence the name of the creek, Whiskey creek.

2 thoughts on “A BUS RIDE

  1. Sandy M

    Sounds like your guide provided some different information. Glad you enjoyed the fun. Did you get to feed the orange rinds to the animals? Keep on traveling!

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