Before we left in September on our journey I bet my brother-in-law Doug, that I could go without a hair cut till May. Well I made it 5 months, and lost the bet. I literally could not stand it any more, especially with it growing over my ears, so early this week I said that’s it, going to the barber. I went to Solid Rock Barber shop here in Clermont. Had to wait a few minutes there, but when the barber put me in the seat, he said just a cut above the ears. I said no, want 2 fingers on top, and 4 blades on the side just like i always get. He seemed a little lost and asked again, and that’s the way he cut it. When he was just about done he said i never figured you as a guy with this short of a cut. I told him about the bet and he finally understood. Boy did i feel better, he did a good job and all for $15.00 so i gave him a twenty and was on my way. It may seem like a trivial thing but man was it getting to me. So now Melissa says i look back to normal and not hippy looking. How much was the bet, never going to tell.IMG_0144


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