We are now at Silver Springs State Park, near Ocala. We left Christmas Rv park about 11:00, in the muck and mud. We had a very heavy downpour last night for about an hour, and the park being already wet, got really wet. In fact I had to hitch up in about two inches of water. Was a little worried about getting out but had it in four-wheel drive and there were no issues. We arrived here about 1:40 or so. Drove about 105 miles total. So far this is a really nice park, we have a very big pull through, and lots of space. All the spots seem to have lots of room between them. We are kind of in a pine forest with low brush, like it a lot. We will be here for two weeks, and have heard there is a lot to do. Pics below of our site.

On another note ,earlier in the week we went to the Kennedy Space Center. What an awesome place. I will make a few posts on that in the next couple of days.




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