This morning before we left Silver river, I had to go to the auto mechanic. For the last month or so it seems that the left back wheel on the truck is making a grinding noise, plus since we got here it has been making a clicking noise when I first back up and go forward. So today was the day just before we left. But first let me tell you the rest of the story.

When we left back home in early September I had new brake pads put on all around. The rotors and stuff were all fine. That was about $300.00. Come October, I had to have a caliper replaced on the back driver wheel because it froze up, along with a new set of brake pads on that wheel. There goes $480.00. Then come December while we were in Key Largo ,I had to have both the front rotors and brake pads replaced. There goes $660.00. And now to today, the same back wheel the caliper froze up, what now. The guys took the wheel off and after also taking the rotor off they found it was full of brake dust ,a lot. Plus the inside of the rotor where the Emergency brake is was full of ridges and high spots. We decided to just clean everything up ,and I would be on my way. But wait how long will that last, so we decided to put new rotors on both back wheels. All said and done another $440.00. Not sure what that adds up to , but it is too much. Todays repair did solve the grinding noise so I am happy about that. So that is enough, hopefully on the brakes.

After I got back to the 5er, we got ready to go, and it was only 30 miles to Rainbow Springs, which is where we are for the night. Tomorrow we go to Cedar Key, about 95 miles away for two weeks.


  1. Bill McHenry

    I saw that you replaced the rotor. Were they able to unfreeze the backside of the caliper? Or did you replace it? Strange the same side caliper froze twice. Hopefully a one time occurrence.

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