After I got the truck back we headed over to Rainbow Springs campground, it was only a 30 mile trip, and we set up at our site by 1 pm. We then decided to go over to the  state park, where they have the Springs. This area was once a tourist attraction Theme park. They had a zoo here, rodeo’s and all kinds of attractions, almost just like Silver Springs but much smaller. The main attraction here was also swimming in the springs. This spring is only about 1/4 as big as Silver Springs, but still turns itself into a river about 5 miles long. We took some of the trails and walked around the park. The concrete walk ways and all that were right out of the 60’s era, brick, cobblestone concrete and the like. It was bought by the state in the early 1990’s and turned into a park, with the only thing really going on is swimming and kayaking. We were a little disappointed in the park although it is a great place to swim if you live here. After that we went back to the campground, which is on the other side of the river and 10 miles away from the park. The Rainbow Springs Campground used to be private until it went belly up in the late 1980′ ,so the county bought it then the state bought it. It is not a bad campground at all, just if you do not like to canoe or kayak or take a swim there is really nothing to do here. As we were only here for one night it was just fine. About 5 or so we went to Swampy”s restaurant on the Rainbow River. We had heard about it so we went. It was a great place, right on the water, all kinds of kayakers and tubers going by .We even had two airboats go by, they are loud and mean looking. Dinner was good and we had a good time.IMG_2743


Our spot at the state park.


The swimming hole at the springs.


Swimming area from one of the hiking trails


Another view, the water here is also very clear.


Melissa getting her feet wet in the spring water.


This is the kayak launch from the campground, which is about 2 miles downstream from the headwaters at the park.


Another view from the dock.



Our table right on the dock


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