Friday Melissa and I went to the near by Skydivers Club and watched a few friends and family go skydiving. Not in a million years would I go, but we had to go watch. It was a really hot day over 90 and very high humidity. We got there a little before noon and never left until almost eight in the evening. A very long day just to watch. They only took two people up at a time with an instructor jumper for each. They went tandum as you cannot jump by yourself until you have a few jumps in. The plane only held four people and the pilot. It took 25 minutes for the plane to get up to altitude which is 10,000 feet. You barely could see the plane and you could not see them free falling, once the chutes open up you can spot them in the sky. I guess you free fall for 30 seconds and after the chute opens you float down for 4 to 5 minutes.  The first to go was my sister in law, Donna and her brother, they landed safe. The next to go was a good friend Marie and her daughter. After they took off, they had to come back about 15 minutes later because of the weather. We had a small thunderstorm come through. After about an hour up they went again. They also landed safe. The last to go was my brother in law Doug and my nieces husband, Brandon. they also landed safe. All of them said it was a blast ,except when you had to leave the plane. Not for me as I said before, but it was a lot of fun to watch ,and I give them all the credit in the world. I took a few videos, but can’t figure out how to get them up yet.


My brother in law Doug on the left, and Brandon on the right all suited up ready to go.

After we left there we came home and had dinner. I then took Cooper out to play for a while, and then it happened. He went for the frisbee at the same time I did, Chomp, his teeth sunk into my right third finger. When he let go, I was screaming, the blood was flowing, I got into the rv and put it under water, I thought, the end of my finger was gone. It wasn’t but it was a tear about one inch long and about half way through my finger. Off to the Er we went, got there and it was closed, off to the hospital we went.  They were open. Was there about an hour, most of the time filling out paperwork. When the Doc came in he gave me two choices. One was not stiches as they do not sew up dog bite wounds because they want them to drain out. so he said I can do one stitch on each end to close part of the sides or just compress it and put a band aid over it. I chose the second option, so they cleaned the wound up and put a small compress on it with a band aid, plus a tetnis shot. It will take longer to close up, but it will be able to drain out and hopefully not get infected. It’s been two days now, and I have cleaned it twice, and it has closed up some, but I guess it will take a few weeks easy to kind of be able to use it. IMG_0992

The hospital bandage, one day later


After cleaning today the second day

3 thoughts on “SKYDIVING AND A VISIT TO THE ER!!!!

  1. Bill McHenry

    Ouch!! I agree with you I am not jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Sandy’s Father, Brother, and my Sister-in-law have all done tandem jumps. Not for me!!

  2. mbb6005

    Ouch…..I bet next time you will let Cooper have the frisbee Hope it heals up quickly for you. We don’t have good enough medical insurance for us to try that crazy stuff. Once Medicare kicks in I will be trying hang gliding.

  3. Sandy

    Oh no!! So glad to hear you are still in one piece!!! Sounds like you would have been safer jumping from a plane than playing with Cooper. I know a dog bite it painful!! Been there, done that, now I keep my distance as much as possible. But may I recommend some totally safe skydiving experience? Bill and I did indoor skydiving at iFly. No planes involved and it is quite the adrenaline rush. But you start with your feet on the ground inside a tall tube and the air pushes you up! It’s a 2 minute experience but so worth having the feeling. IFly is in major cities and many times near TopGolf facilities. (Geez, did that just sound like a commercial?). Get better soon!! We need you on the court. 🙂

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