We are now at Red Rocks Pond RV Resort, in Holly NY, about an hour east from our home base. We will be here until the 15th. We got here yesterday about one or so, this is our third time here. It is a nice place they have a swimming pond with a beach and a number of ponds for fishing along with hiking and trails. The Erie canal is about 200 feet away and it has a walking biking trail along side,which runs from here to Buffalo, or to Albany. Most sites are seasonal, but very well maintained. The park is so named because of the red rocks here. Back in the early 1820’s when they put the Erie canal through, they quarried the rocks from here and used them for the elevated sections of the canal. Along with church, and cemetary buildings being built with the red stones. After they were done the quarries filled with water and now are the ponds that are around.

Picture of our spot.

IMG_1003 (1)


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