Today is Friday the 13th. This is our 3rd day out from leaving our home base back in Newfane. Today is the only day I have not driven with the 5er in back of me. It was nice, I think I forgot how to drive one. I made a few rookie mistakes in the last few days. First I judged wrong on our first stop. Wanting to get further into Pa on the first day, I reserved a spot for a night at Yogi Bear- Shangrala campground in Milton Pa., 280 miles, and six hours of a drive the first day. OOPs, it was a long day. Then with under  a quarter of a tank of gas, and not really knowing how far away it was, I decided to pull into one of the big Sheetz gas stations. Wrong move, when I went to turn into the end pump, I could feel I was in tight, so I stopped, four inches away from the gas pump, and just short of wiping out the back two feet of the rig. Thank you lord, but stuck I was , we tried backing out a little, but there were a lot of cars there. Thankfully a Sheetz big tanker truck pulled in and he saw my dilemma. He got out, and after a few back ups and pull ups, he got me out. Thankyou Lord. It was only ten more minutes to the campground and I had enough gas. Lesson learned, when it feels wrong don’t do it. After we got settled into our spot, it hit me that I knew I got lucky this time.

FullSizeRender (80)

Ranger Smith and Melissa, telling me I am going the right way


Me, Cooper and Yogi

FullSizeRender (79)

Hay ride anyone.

Cooper had a following here, no less than five people wanted to meet and see him, as they had had Whippets before, he was the hit of the campground for a day.,The campground was pretty nice, only one night here ,and we left Thursday about one, as we only had a two hour drive to Gettysburg. Getting to Gettysburg was uneventfull, but I still had that un easy feeling from the day before.


We have a nice pull through here, at the Drummer Boy campground. It is a large campground, with over 500 sites, many of which are seasonals. It will be in the 80’s here this weekend, and we leave here Monday. Today we went on a tour of the Dobbin house, and ate at the world famous Tommy’s Pizza. During the battle they served pizza to Union and the Confederates. That’s a joke.


We also happened to see this car, whatever in the parking lot, it is pretty neat, but is it safe.

IMG_1909 (1)





  1. Sandy

    Oh was I feeling the agony of the Sheetz experience when I read this! Glad you had a happy ending! We have those stations near us, and we won’t go in them with the rig. Very tight turns in their stations. Now that you got the ‘bad’ out of the way early, it should be smooth sailing from here. 😁. Stay safe!

  2. Bill McHenry

    Melissa looks good mimicking the sign. Just when you think you got this driving down pat, have enough experience, you run into a new situation and realize you are still on the learning curve. Been there done that. We can relate

    You are close to one of the largest RV shows in the country at Hershey, Pa and it is going on this week.

    PS. I think the car picture you posted was truncated.

    Enjoy your trip

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