What did Dave and I do on our summer vacation back in Western New York in the lazy, hazy (sometimes chilly) and crazy days of summer? Below is a few pictures of our adventures and such.

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Our summer retreat in Holland, New York Doug & Jennifer’s camp.


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Took a bus tour of Forest Lawn Cemetery with Jennifer & Doug. It’s a historic rural cemetery in Buffalo, New York founded in 1849 by Charles E. Clarke. It covers over 269 acres and over 152,000 are buried there, including U.S. President Millard Fillmore, singer Rick James, and inventor Lawrence Dale Bell.  It’s in the top 10 places to visit in Buffalo and it was enjoyed by all.


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Some of the old residents, including President Millard Fillmore hopped on board our tour bus.

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Why are Doug & Dave looking at their feet?  To see if their shoes are on the right feet?


                        New Additions to our family

IMG_1656                             IMG_1657


Katie & John Lyons are the proud parents of  Andrew John & Philip Mark

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The beautiful card was made by my talented friend Beth.  They are being baptized on September 22, may God Bless.


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Mary & Don “The Cute Couple” great friends we met for dinner.


Jennifer & Doug took us to Olcott Beach a popular tourist location located on the shores of Lake Ontario.  It was Dave’s first time there.

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Dave  at Bye’s popcorn stand in Olcott. As you can see by the sign it has been in operation since 1923, soon to be 100 years old!  He went back 3 times this summer to get popcorn.


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Dave with his long locks visiting Betty a good friend of ours.


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Mike, Dave and Annmarie in the back, friends we saw there.

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We were there for a couple of hours, it’s a small fair close by it was fun.



Cooper our dog had fun this summer too!

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IMG_1822 Am I at Nasa again?

IMG_1813    IMG_1805

I went to Pendleton Farm & Family days with my friend Judy from the Pendleton Star Pharmacy.  It was good to see the pharmacy people and Judy’s family.   We got to see two good bands from the area, the A-List and especially The Nerds Gone Wild! A great time was had by all!




We got to have dinner with Karen & Conrad.  A great couple we got to meet from Pendleton when we lived there.  They definitely had a great influence on us when we started to think about RVing and they are now on their 10th year of RVing full time, they are our hero’s

    A trip to Rochester with Jennifer and Doug

We went to Rochester to catch up on some of my family ancestry.

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Dave & Doug saddling up for the ride.

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Can you find the real hand?



One of my ancestor’s graves


High Falls in Rochester


Dave & Don helping Mike side his sister Tasha’s house



Would you let these guys side your house?

IMG_1055           IMG_1053




Met our good friend Paula at a local establishment.


Went to the cabin in Holland to visit Pike NY and do more ancestry work.


If I didn’t get the chance to tell you, My sister Jennifer and I are 11th generation pilgrims. Edward Fuller our 10th great grandfather came over on the Mayflower and our 3rd great grandfather, Hubbard Fuller is buried in The Pike cemetery.

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We hiked the Old Scarbuck trail near East Concord, NY

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Man we did a lot this summer!  And I didn’t even get through  half of what we did.  It was a fun summer but it’s good to be back on the road again!

2 thoughts on “What did Dave and I do on our summer vacation back in Western New York in the lazy, hazy (sometimes chilly) and crazy days of summer? Below is a few pictures of our adventures and such.

  1. mbb6005

    Wow. You guys did a lot. Are you sure you are retired ? Or just are you just professional tourists? Who knew Don and I would be famous …featured on your blog.
    Love you ….💕.

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